Friday, March 31, 2006

satu waktu

masih tentang rasa yang menjadi misteri
masih tentang kenangan terindah yang tak mungkin terlupa

my conscience keeps come and go
it says that i must leave it all behind
but there's some part of me won't agree with that

i need him.. dat's the truth
all those sentimental feelings
that kinda hurt sumtimes
but i felt it..
oblivious so insensitive

this is not right, i knew it
and i don't wanna make any other desperate choice
not anymore...

so many choices to be make
so little time to decide
so many guilt involved in it

won't u come and eased this feeling, dear?
just once?

satu waktu di balik jendela bis jakarta-jogja
with the rain pourin down
and all i can think is u, again and again... ^_^