Friday, November 11, 2005

hep heppp.... ^_^

One way out, is all you're ever gonna get from
Those who'll hand it out
Don't ever let it upset ya
'Cos they'll put words into your mouths

Cos they're making you feel so ashamed,
They're making you take all the blame,
They're making you cold in the night,
They're making you question your heart and your soul
And I think that it's not quite right

Hey! Stay young and invincible
'Cos we know just what we are, and
Come what may were unstopable
'Cos we know just what we are
Yeah we know just what we are
Yeah we know just what we are

Feed your head with all the things
You need when you're hungry
And stay in bed and sleep all day
As long as it's sunny
'Cos they'll put words into my mouth


kade tobing ; ibnu galih ... 1
jo ; welda ... 4
veni ... 6
anton yudhanto ; ronald jp aruan ... 8
BIMA ARDHITYA ; novita ... 9
wulan yudiyanti ; muhammad firdhaus ... 10
/me... ^0^ 7

hepi birthday tu ol, (above)
n tu ol... thx 4 the congrats, for the gifts, for the party, untuk semua kebersamaan yang telah dibagi.
trima kasih..